Why are more and more physiotherapy clinics springing up in Europe?
October 25-2017

Last week a foot care center opened up downstairs from Manuel’s home. (it seemed like it was a place to paint people’s nails). One day he noticed the owner moving something.


Ah. It wasn’t small either!


Do you need equipment that large to manicure nails? After asking around it turned out that it was a physiotherapy clinic that specializes in foot rehabilitation, and this piece of equipment was the imported color ultrasound that they would soon purchase. 


VINNO G80 carries the RF metadata technology platform, possesses functions including elasticity imaging, CBI, and V-flash, and can satisfy high end daily clinical needs in an outstanding general application.


Physiotherapy clinics like this have been quietly springing up in Europe over the past few years. They provide professional diagnoses for tendon, nerve, muscle, ligament, and joint diseases along with providing specialized interventional therapies under the assistance of ultrasonic guidance.


Under high frequency even a tiny 0.03 cm fracture can be seen clearly. Superior image quality has earned VINNO the approval of the European market.


In this wave of ascendant development VINNO has served as a burgeoning representative of domestic high end color doppler ultrasound brands, and positively facilitated the rise of the European physiotherapy market.

To do one’s work well, one must sharpen the tools first. Europeans have significant differences compared with Asians when it comes to body type and disease distributions. To get better nestled into the European physiotherapy market, VINNO’s R&D team and France’s top physiotherapy doctors initiated a collaboration.


Dr. Marc is a top level French physiotherapy physician, and once served as the Chairman of the French Sports Physiotherapy Association and as a Member of the Medical Consulting Team of the Olympic French National Team


The VINNO R&D team preset measurement parameters that conform with the physical characteristics of Europeans according to Dr. Marc’s suggestion, eliminating a complex debugging procedure for local doctors, and allowing them to enjoy a smoother operation experience.


Lightly touch the screen, enter preset mode with one click, and easily begin scanning.


Actually, the globalization of even the most outstanding global brands like Apple and GE only reside on the brand level, and have no means of achieving differentiation on the product level. There is virtually no difference between the iPhone that customers buy, regardless of whether they are in America, Europe or China. 

But VINNO is currently achieving product differentiation through a customized parameter mode, customizing products that better accord to the needs of patients of different countries and different physical characteristics.

Thus we’ve won widespread approval from many European markets, including top level French physiotherapy physician and French Rheumatism Intervention Association Member Dr. Sebaa↓



There is also the top level Spanish physiotherapy physician Dr. Ramon. He is the physiotherapy physician of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal. At the same time he is also the rehabilitation doctor of the Barcelona Football Team. He has abundant experience in medicine, and is a authoritative export in the industry.


Dr. Ramon uses VINNO equipment to teach ultrasound physiotherapy

Now VINNO has already surpassed top industry brands in the French MSK field, becoming the number one brand. At the same time VINNO is also an exclusive partner of one of the top three French physiotherapy associations.

In emerging physiotherapy clinics the evaluations that rehabilitation physicians give to VINNO are: easy to use and durable. Besides entering preferences with one click, physicians are also delighted with functions including switching probes with one click, adjusting imaging angles, zooming in and out, cutting, quick image browsing, quickly searching for patients, and quick screenshot, picture saving, and exporting with the touch screen.


To put it simply: VINNO ultrasound equipment is as simple to use as an iPhone.


The rise of a burgeoning market cannot do without two basic elements: demand and the impetus of technology. Behind Europe’s physiotherapy clinic trend are an ever more exuberant sports market demand and ever more professional ultrasound technology. Propelling industry development with innovative technology is also the foundation of many emerging enterprises. 

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