A New Ultrasound Generation |Vinno X2 Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System. High Value End for OB/GYN Application.
November 24-2017

Ultrasound has welcomed a brand new generation after going through decades of development. Comfortable and effective medical environment are demanding by more and more pregnant women all over the world. Keep mother and baby in mind. Vinno has released high value end Vinno X2 for women healthcare.


Vinno X2 transplants the unique RF platform and technology from high end product and possesses a brand new smooth and easy operation interface and a powerful intelligent measuring software. Its compact shape possesses the complete functions that are needed daily. We create methods with luxury items, and repeatedly temper our reliable ultrasound product, creating the top choice in basic medicine.


A Smart Touch Experience


Naturally identify probes, one touch switch functions, parameters, and one touch picture optimization adjustment. Intelligent touch control makes ultrasound operation even simpler.


Comfortable and Smooth Operation


A refined and compact frame, equipped with a butterfly pattern operation panel that can be moved up and down, and a 720 degree rotating high definition medical display provide you with the most comfortable operation experience. The machine supports one-click USB storage, email, Bluetooth, and servers transmitting data. Compared with memory tracing, it automatches the historical images of a patient in different time periods, providing a before and after comparison for diagnoses.


Innovative and Elegant Design


The hardware uses world class chips (TI and Altera). The high end components and parts create unfailing performance. The three side vertical connector slots are each independent and reasonably distributed to prevent signal interference.


An Outstanding Clinical Expressive Image Force


On account of the RF platform, Vinno X2 has smart imaging recognition, auto-enhance, speckle noise function, the definition and contrast resolution of images can be increased. There is an outstanding expressive image force. You can select multiple probes to satisfy the scanning needs of various regions of the body. The Vinno X2 is equipped with a complete calculation and measurement that includes automatic three dimensional follicle measurement, and automatic obstetric calculations to satisfy your clinical application needs. 


Abundant and Strong Functions


Vinno X2 supports PW, Panoramic Imaging, Volume Imaging, Dual Mode, and other imaging modalities. Vinno X2 also possesses functions including powerful 3D/4D imaging functions, MCut, smart 3D volume calculation, HSG, HQ, automatic nuchal translucency measurement (AutoNT), Magic cut, and gray scale inversion.


Additional Functions


A continuously changing era raises ever increasing requirements for ultrasound equipment. Holding fast to a design concept that is simple and refined and fused with cutting-edge smart operation technology Vinno X2 will give users a more innovative and comfortable operation experience.


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