Vinno @MEDICA | The initial unveiling of a pair of beauties: Highly attractive with good personalities, they’re sure to become market favorites.
November 24-2017

Every year in November elite young European women wear beautiful formal attire and attend a coming-of-age ceremony all for them. (picture source: paris match)


To a medicine manufacturer bringing a new product to attend the world’s most influential Medica exhibition is like attending a top debutante ball. In the past the most eye catching things here were the international brands, yet now some Chinese faces have become the new points of focus. 



Vinno, which has already attended Medica four times, is no stranger to some old friends, but they were still surprised to discover that: every year this Chinese brand is rapidly growing. 



This year Vinno brought along comprehensively upgraded clinical ultrasound solutions, which make breakthroughs in the precision, convenience, and intelligence of ultrasound equipment. 


The first global release of two new brands


Vinno E35  An affordable luxury class ultrasound productTwo new members of the Vinno family officially made their appearance at this year’s exhibition: the Vinno G55 and the Vinno E35.


Vinno E35  An affordable luxury class ultrasound product


Vinno G55  An intermediate level ultrasound product


Functional Advantages


- Highly attractive   The outward appearance has won Italy’s A ‘Design Award’ 

- Good Personality   A newly added cantilever that can move up and down makes for more flexible operation

- Top Quality  A newly upgraded “femtometer” platform comprehensively improves performance

- Professional Precision   The newly added smart follicle 3D measurement bag makes for more precise measurement



Old friends expressed surprise one after another at these new functions. “The mobile cantilever is so convenient. It can save a lot of time during work.”, said one doctor. 

After experiencing high end Chinese color Doppler technology close up, Vinno’s unique micro magnetic navigation “Simple Needle Precision” technology also attracted the attention of international professionals. They each expressed a desire to cooperate. 



According to what colleagues at the event revealed: “Some of the European doctors specially came to Germany to attend the exhibition. They had a good impression of Vinno’s color Doppler equipment. On the first day of the exhibition one Spanish doctor signed a contract for over a dozen devices.” 


Vinno’s “coming-of-age ceremony” at the Medica exhibition manifested the innovative power of internal and external cultivation. Our requirements for products is the same as the standard for debutantes: elegant, resilient, beautiful on the outside, and intelligent on the inside. We believe that ever more Chinese brands can continue to develop and innovate independently, and in the end be leaders in world technology and in the future! 

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