Xinhua News Agency called Vinno: “Made with Wisdom” Lights Up International Exhibition
December 12-2017

Last week the world’s largest international medical equipment exhibition concluded at the Dusseldorf Convention Center in Germany. This year’s exhibition had a total of over 5000 exhibiting companies from over 60 countries and districts. What’s worth mentioning is that there were over 800 exhibiting companies from China, second only to the host country Germany. 

The “Made with Wisdom” group’s arrival at the international exhibition sent official media outlets like Xinhua News Agency and scrambling to cover it. The State Food and Drug Administration, Kwangmyong Net, and NetEase also liked and forwarded it one after another. 

What appeared in these new articles was a high-end national color Doppler brand -- Vinno. 

Xinhua News Agency reporters were attracted to Vinno’s bright booth which was brimming with a sense of science and technology at the exhibition. President Xishui of the Vinno Science and Technology Company told the reporters: “This is our fourth time taking part in the Medica exhibition. Germany is a powerful nation when it comes to medical equipment manufacturing. The quality of the color Doppler ultrasound equipment that Vinno produces is really hits the mark. Every year we receive orders from European hospitals in places like Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. 

The Vinno booth attracted much international attention

In order to get a stable foothold in the German market, which emphasizes craft and quality, Chinese brands must possess a capacity to innovate. 

In its initial startup phase Vinno adhered to independent innovation, integrated clinical needs, researched and developed high-end technologies including the RF metadata platform, ultrasound cavitation therapy, salpingography, and a full touch operation flow, expanded ultrasound application domains, and improved user experience, bringing unlimited possibility to ultrasound medicine. 

We heard genuine feedback from European doctors at the Vinno Overseas Cooperation Partners Conference: “Vinno’s work flow is fabulous!”, “I like Vinno because their innovative iterations are very fast!”, “The image quality is on par with top international products!”

Vinno’s German cooperation partner Mr. Klaus laughingly said: “I believe that within five years Vinno will become a world-class ultrasound brand!” 

Vinno’s high quality image quality: Blood flow at the fingertips is clearly visible

Germany is the country with the strictest EU regulation requirements. Vinno obtaining the affirmation of German doctors is an affirmation of R&D technology, and also represents that “Made with Wisdom” is currently bringing a brand new pattern to the global market with a new image of intelligence, innovation, and high-end technology. 


Vinno’s image at ever more international exhibitions


United Arab Emirates’ Arab Health Exhibition


Hungary Exhibition


Peru’s Tecnosalud Exhibition


Brazil’s Hospital Exhibition




Indonesia Exhibition



Vinno actively participates in competitions on the same stage with international peers around the world, displaying confidence and innovative energy. Chinese products are making a name for themselves! Made with Wisdom is making the world rediscover China! 

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