Vinno: Innovators are always young!
May 08-2018


Ninety nine May 4th International Youth Days have occurred from 1919 to the present day. Some people say that 28 is old. Some people say 40 is still young. What on earth is youth really? 

It is an exquisitely carved aura, a simple and unadorned minimalism, what’s cutting edge about an insightful partner, and the courage of trailblazing. It has nothing to do with age, and yet is related to those attitudes that are unwilling to stop in their tracks. An innovator is always young. This spring Vinno’s engineers continued battling on helping the development of national high-end color Doppler ultrasound. Come and see what kind of progress they made. 






Detailed display of obstetric images, high volume rendering contrast, a strong sense of three-dimensionality, good image penetration for 140 kilo examinees, and high resolution ratios. 





Saves customized procedures and satisfies individualized needs. Screen operation, smart recognition and measurement, and return visit case files improve diagnostic efficiency. Synchronized screen projection facilitates doctor-patient communication.






Pulse wave monitoring, control of cardiac motion details, and fine quality traditional laboratory convex array and linear array images. Built-in instructional software + offline scanning training quickly improve the level of care of primary care physicians. 






Automatic perception adjustment and simple operation of elastosonography. Automatic and smart recognition follicle detection that increases confidence in diagnoses. A remote instruction system that easily realizes internet + community medical treatment services. 


Recent Benefits


Wise Health Care, Leading the Future. Remote diagnoses are the future development trend of ultrasound technology. On May 10-11 ultrasound specialists from Anzhen Hospital and Peking University Third Hospital will explain fundamental ultrasound scanning techniques on the FLYINSONO app. Mobile phones can scan the QR code at the bottom to download the app. PCs can reply ‘remote’ to receive a download link.



Enter ultrasound curriculum after installing the app, and you can watch remote live broadcasts for free. 


Chinese medical treatment technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past 99 years. From being technologically dependent on imports to independently conducting R&D and upgrades to “Made with Wisdom” illuminating international exhibitions, generation after generation of dream chasers have kindled youth, and generation after generation of young people have grown up into pillars of strength. 


Vinno is committed to leading the future of Chinese ultrasound with technological innovation. Vinno salutes all those ultrasound doctors and ultrasound colleagues who have brought wonderful youth to the healthcare profession. We hope you can remain young, and always innovate! 

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