Overseas Dispatches|A letter from Doctor José
June 08-2018

The office recently received a letter. It was from Doctor José from Spain. He works at a highly regarded local surgery clinic. Recently he was entrusted with trying out a piece of ultrasound equipment by the director of the clinic: the Vinno M80.

Whether it is in terms of image technology or user experience, Vinno is outstanding! Blood flow is clear. Operating the touch screen is simple. The preset parameters are quite convenient. It enabled me to quickly give my patients precise diagnoses, and satisfied all of my expectations for a piece of ultrasound equipment!

In recent years Vinno has become a favorite of countless overseas professional ultrasound doctors. Countless Vinno 6, Vinno M80, and Vinno G50 devices have followed them to the ends of the earth, and have become their number one assistant for serving patients.

Iraq Vinno lit up the 2nd annual International Expo on High Blood Pressure Disease, brought cardiovascular diagnosis solutions, and was featured on the reports of local media outlets.

Iraq At the Fifth International Academic Symposium of the Women’s Disease Association local ultrasound doctors used the Vinno G50 to perform an obstetrics and gynecology scan demonstration, and received universal praise.

Spain In an Ultrasound Master Class in Spain an ultrasound specialist are currently conducting a muscle and sketetal scanning demonstration. The students listen intently, and even use their mobile phones to record videos for further study.

Spain One Vinno 5, one instruction outline, a few days of a hands-on course, and students quickly grasp the techniques of basic scanning and diagnosis. Meticulous notes bear witness to their progress.

Australia How do you perform a quick puncturing? “V-Guide” enables you to be quick and precise. Local ultrasound doctors practice the micromagnetic guidance function on the Vinno 6, and quickly get the hang of it in a few hours.

Peru Ultrasound doctors are amazed at Vinno’s outstanding image quality. Breaking through the bottleneck of traditional image processing technology, Vinno’s RF technology reatins image information to the greatest possible extent.

Germany Senior Ultrasound Specialist Kurz explains the features and advantages of Vinno to German colleagues. In a country famous for its rigor Vinno has earned the approval of professionals.

Cambodia  A doctor recorded a video operating an ultrasound device and uploaded it to Facebook. The doctor’s friends left messages saying: What function is that? What brand of equipment is it? He replied in the same way to them all: The Vinno 6’s micromagnetic guidance! It’s great to use!

Algeria Ultrasound specialist Dr. Bali used the Vinno M55 to print out a cute 4D baby ultrasound image. He was also quite satisfied.

Malaysia  Hi baby. What are you thinking? The Vinno E20 captures a serene 4D baby ultrasound image. The baby’s parents love the first recorded image of their baby.


In 8 years Vinno has traveled to over 70 countries, listened to the technological needs of professionals, borne witness to the growth of a generation of newcomers to ultrasound, and also reaped the rewards of many touching moments. Even Xinhua News Agency and people.cn called us regarding our Made with Wisdom slogan at the International Exhibition (click on the image below to read a relevant report).

Enabling ever more ultrasound doctors to experience convenient, rapid, and precise ultrasound technology, and in the end benefiting patients, is what drives us to continuously progress. What breakthroughs will we have in the future? We’ll see you in Brazil on May 22nd - 25th↓ 

We are will ing to cross countless oceans and mountains

For you and your loved one

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