Children’s Day Gifts: An Ultrasound Field Guide to Cute Pets
June 08-2018

Today is June 1st, Children’s Day. Hello to all of you grown up children out there! How did you spend Children’s Day when you were little? Did you receive the present that you were longing for, spend a wild and carefree day with your friends, or were you dragged by your school to go see a performance....

Now come have a look at something that will make you feel better. Our generation of grown ups loved to visit the zoo when we were children, and begged mom and dad to raise all kinds of pets at home. Of course, in the end only a few of those dreams came true. At Vinno there is a group of people whose dreams have surprisingly come true. Today they are jointly presenting an ultrasound feature piece on cute pets. Let’s have a look↓


Germany  International Equestrian Club

Sharon, Barret, and Jessica are currently doing ultrasound scans of horses. These are choice horse breeds. They seem refined, but in actuality have a docile disposition. They possess a cuteness that is contrary to expectations. They will participate in a professional race, and so need to be meticulously fed, and their physical condition checked regularly.


Thailand A Large Elephant Park

In Thailand elephants are a sacred symbol. Ultrasound doctors need to drill between the elephant’s leg and quietly pray that it won’t move. Scanning an image of the internal organs of this big fellow isn’t easy. Only a low frequency probe with extremely good penetrability works. (Elephant: Are you saying I’m fat?)


China A Laboratory in a University’s Department of Medicine

A laboratory mouse is currently receiving a heart scan. The changes of the functions of the little mouse’s heart is a crucial index for many medical experiments. The collection and scientific analysis of this data forms the foundation of new medicines and diagnostic and treatment technologies that benefit humanity.


China A Reptile Pet Shop

Reptiles like boa constrictors, Eublepharis Macularius lizards, and tortoises are also recently popular cute pets. Application specialists have conducted internal organ scans of them. What does a boa constrictor feel like when you touch it? The female doctor shook her hands repeatedly: I’m not touching it. Let the men take care of it. The most difficult one to scan turned out to be the tortoise. The probe was only able to be placed on the gap inside of the shell and its limbs.


Guangzhou’s Chimelong Safari Park/ Spain’s Marine Life Museum

Don’t the smiles of the white wales at Chimelong Safari Park and the dolphins in Spain cheer you right up? After the scans were finished the doctors were also infected with joy, all smiling at one another.


Vinno Guardians of Healthy, Cute Pets

In the past few years Vinno has launched a series of ultrasound training programmes that includes a training program specially targeted toward veterinarians in the hopes that the pure smiles of cute pets are able to bring joy to ever more people. This article is a gift to all of you who have always maintained childlike innocence, and are still chasing dreams.

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