Heavyweight News: Listed in Forbes twice. Vinno is so awesome!
July 06-2018

Recently, Forbes China published its “Corporate List of 2018 Listed Companies with Potential” and the “Corporate List of 2018 Unlisted Companies with Potential”. There were a total of 18 companies from the medical industry on these lists, and included 14 listed companies and 4 unlisted companies. 



Vinno is Jiangsu provinces only unlisted medical company to make it onto the list. This is also the second time that Vinno has had the honor of making it onto a Forbes list after the joint founder of Vinno, Ms. Tianyuan, made it onto the list of the 25 Women with the Most Potential in the Chinese Business World of 2018”! 


Suzhou TV Stations Golden Time Segement Suzhou News and the Suzhou Industrial Park District officially issued an assessement: Listed in Forbes twice. Vinno is so awesome!”



Founded eight years ago, Vinno is still a child growing up in the medical industry, and yet has become the fastest growing ultrasound company in the world with a yearly composite growth rate exceeding 100%. Four years after Vinno’s products went onto the market, Vinno already has sales going out to over 70 countries around the world, and has won over high praise from specialists in the industry. 


The Director of the Ultrasound Department of the Xinqiao Hospital affiliated to the Army Medical University Liu Zheng


“I have worked in ultrasound medicine for many decades. In the past almost all of the mid-to-high end brands of Chinese hospitals were beaten out by imported products. In the past few years a few national brands have risen up particularly quickly. Vinno is one of them.”


Liu Zheng said that the rise of national brands has delighted Chinese ultrasound doctors. “This is something that us Chinese doctors have specially hoped to see. Sometimes when we launch cutting edge R&D, certain companies are relatively conservative. Vinno, on the other hand, has done very well. Their innovation doesn’t consist of adding a flashy yet unsubstantial function, but consists of making a good and solid foundation.” 


Ultrasound Images under Vinno’s RF Metadata Technology are clear and detailed


The foundation of ultrasound technology is in the collection and processing of images. Vinno’s independently researched and developed RF Metadata Ultrasound Platform is cutting edge in the world. It can collect over 40 times the original diagnostic data of traditional technology, greatly improving image contrast and resolution ratios. Complemented with the high frequency 23MHz probe, it brings the display of microscopic illness to life and provides ever broader clinical possibilities. 



Vinno CEO Xishui always says: “In order to determine a company’s value you not only have to see what it has, but even more have to see what positive influence it has in the industry.” Over the past few years, Vinno has in one respect undertaken 7 national level scientific research projects and has launched an integration of production, education, and research with various universities. In another respect Vinno has actively engaged in social welfare, helping to implement the national medical reform policy with advanced remote diagnoses and smart ultrasound technology.

In 2017 Vinno joined the “Healthy China Grassroots Movement” 100 City 1000 Provinces Precise Health Poverty Alleviation Movement launched by China. Vinno brought national high-end color Doppler ultrasound technology to remote impoverished regions, and at the same time launched the “Basic Ultrasound Doctor Training Program”. Vinno held multiple training events around the country, and has already trained hundreds of outstanding personnel, creating a talent pool for policies including national tiered diagnosis and treatment, family physicians, and medical leagues. 



A community hygiene service stations ultrasound doctor said this at the end of training: After years of work Ive already mastered many fundamental operations. However, I still need to continuously study how to better apply ultrasound technology. I am happy to have an opportunity to come here. I hope to be able to come and train again next time.”

The person teaching the students was Dreictor Yong Qiang of the Ultrasound Department of the Anzhen Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University. Yong Qiang expressed great support for this form of training: Training gives grassroots hospitals a platform for learning and exchange. I hope Vinno is able to continue to do this, and benefit the ultrasound doctors of grassroots hospitals.”


The Director of the Ultrasound Department of the Anzhen Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University

Yong Qiang


The rapid growth of the Chinese economy depends on the rise of low-to-mid sized corporations. Most of the companies with potential that made it onto the Forbes list are engaged in high technology. They support the rise of China’s Made with Wisdom concept around the world.


In the future, Vinno will be sure to head down the path of a scientifically innovate and technologically leading corporation, will grow in the direction of artificial intelliegence, AI diagnoses and hand held ultrasound, and develop in the direction of high end technology, internationalized teams, and a globalized setup to make the company into a grade A class 3 ultrasound company globally with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness, and make advanced ultrasound technology affordable to millions of ordinary households and affordable to impoverished groups in remote areas. 

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