The World Cup has just ended. Does a Chinese company that has gathered together 16 countries have another move up its sleeve?
July 16-2018


The World Cup has just ended and the international recognition of Chinese brands has reached new heights. Vinno’s gaze has recently focused on Barcelona, not because of Messi, but because a group of delegates from Europe gathered together there to participate in Vinnos 2018 European Cooperation Partner Summit


“The Creativity Capital” Barcelona


This is the first time that Vinno has held a cooperation partner summit in Europe. The aim of the summit was to actively acquire a layout of the international market and facilitate overseas exchange. A delegate who attended the previous summit said: “I made many new friends this year.” In this year’s summit delegates from Austria, Switzerland, Holland, and Poland made their first ever appearance, and greatly supported the international path of this Chinese brand. 



The delegate from Holland said: “I’ve been focused on musculoskeletal ultrasound for many years. The performance of Vinno’s linear array probe is amazing. It is absolutely on par with international brands.”

During this year’s summit Vinno unveiled the new Vinno G55, which is specifically targeted to the European market. The Vinno G55 is equipped with high-end functions including a single crystal probe, 3D/4D, Stress Echo, HQ+Color Flow, and Zone Imaging. It can greatly improve heart, abdominal, obstetric, and microvascular ultrasound image quality. 

Vinno’s Chief Application Specialist Kurz introduced and demonstrated the new product to the delegates. The delegates enthusiastically participated in the experience. 







The delegates stated that in the past their impression of Chinese brands was that of low price and good quality. However, in the past few years the rise of a group of innovative high tech corporations has let people see entirely new Chinese brands. Vinnos rapid growth made them realize that Chinese brands are also very competitive in Europe’s mid-to-high end market. Product features ranging from exterior design to image performance, functional design, and user experience have all reached global mid-to-high end standards, and even perform superior to international brands in certain domains.



German delegate: “It is difficult for Chinese brands to enteer Germany’s cardiology departments. Professional requirements are very high. This year we surprisingly discovered that Vinno’s performance was already on par with that of big international brands. Images were detailed. The device was sensitive to blood flow. It had powerful image penetration. It is especially suited to the body shapes of Europeans. I have much confidence in Vinno’s entry into the field of high-end specialized medicine in Europe!”



From initially being rejected at an overseas exhibit to receiving the approval of German cooperation partners, sales representative Sharon is filled with awe: “Vinno’s rate of growth is rapid. Two years ago we only had a few cooperation partners in Europe. Now we have ten times as many, and our cooperation partners come from over half of the countries in the European Union. Now our cooperation partners designate Vinno as a high-end color Doppler ultrasound brand. Some delegates only recommend Vinno, and dont even work with other brands. This is a sign that they trust us greatly.”



Innovative, brimming with vitality, and prompt R&D response were the positive appraisals that the delegates gave Vinno. Now, the word “professional” has also started to appear in what they say about Vinno. In the past few years Vinno has actively cooperated with the European Professional Ultrasound Association, providing  technical support for European ultrasound education, and won over positive appraisals from many specialists. 




Some people say that this year’s World Cup is China’s World Cup. In truth, Chinese brands have done well for themselves in the past few years. As a leader of national high-end color Doppler ultrasound, Vinno is willing to persist in independent innovation, making China into a technological powerhouse, and growing together with the worlds ultrasound doctors! 




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