Contract signed! A strategic cooperation agreement with the China Medical Device Company, A cardiotonic for the domestic medical device industry
August 07-2018

On July 30th, 2018, the China Medical Device Company (below abbreviated CMDC) and Dushu Alliance Strategic Cooperation Contract Signing Ceremony was held in Wuhan. Mr. Liyang, President of CMDC, and Mr. Ning Yihua, President of the Dushu Alliance, represented both parties in signing the agreement. Leaders including Mr. Yu Qingming, Chairman of the Board of Directors at CMDC, Mr. Liyang, President of CMDC, Mr. Wang Yingzhi, Vice President of CMDC, Mr. Ning Yihua, President of the Dushu Alliance, Ms. Zhang Yinhua, Vice President of the Dushu Alliance, Mr. Xishui, Mr. Tangxin, and Mr. Wang Yimin all attended the contract signing ceremony. 


President Li Yang and President Ning Yihua signed a strategic framework agreement


With leaders from both parties and guests in attendance bearing witness, the Dushu Alliance and CMDC officially signed a strategic cooperation contract!


Leaders from CMDC and the Dushu Alliance take a group photo


Chairman of the Board of Directors at CMDC, Mr. Yu Qingming, delivers an address at the conference


Mr. Ning Yihua, President of the Dushu Alliance, delivers an address at the conference



SINOPHARM is a is a large scale pharmaceutical and health industry group directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. As of today it is the only Chinese pharmaceutical company to be listed in the Forbes 500. It is a main force specially engaged in the development of medical device services subsidiary to SINOPHARM. CMDC’s yearly revenue exceeds 30 billion RMB and its management network covers the entire country. CMDC is a leader domestically among commercial distribution and service operations companies in the medical device industry. 


The Dushu Alliance

As a number one synergistic innovator domestically in medical device circles the Dushu Alliance includes 7 categories of member companies in the medical device field, nearly 60 high quality domestically producing medical device companies, corporate market value exceeding 27.5 billion RMB, over 1973 patents, 48 Category 3 Registration Certificates, and 64 Category 2 Registration Certificates. 



Vinno attended the contract signing ceremony as a Vice Presidential unit of the Dushu Alliance. Mr. Yuan Hongyu, Vice President of Vinno, represented Vinno and put on a splendid corporate display for leaders of both parties at the event and distinguished guests in attendance. 



Since its founding in 2010 at the Suzhou Industrial Park District Vinno has already undertaken seven national level scientific research projects. Currently 20 of Vinno’s products are available in most large scale domestic Class 3 Grade A hospitals, and have been sold in over 70 countries and regions around the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, becoming a black horse in the global color Doppler ultrasound industry with the most rapid rate of development. 



Vinno’s subversive energy and explosive growth have a foothold in independed innovation. Vinno believes that in the future the miniaturization, clinicalization, and intelligentization of ultrasound are the inevitable directions that the industry will take. Vinno has already made a layout in these areas, and moreover has begun to gain ground.


Persisting in Independent Innovation, With a 100% Grasp of Core Technologies


Vinno is willing to build a specialized supply chain channel that spans the entire country together with the CMDC, provide comprehensive high quality service to downstream distributors, hospitals, and patients, and be capable of facilitating the great development of the domestically produced medical device industry like a shot of “cardiotonic”. 


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